Dual Laminate System (AB-DLS)

As a leader in the corrosion prevention industry for many years, Abtrex Industries, Inc. has developed a lining system known as the “AB-DLS”. Since our roots began in the automotive industry, we have always been challenged to explore new linings and concepts to meet the rigorous production requirements of our customers. After years of research and development, we have engineered a product with results far greater than we could have ever expected. The lining was originally designed for use in ‘Chrome Plating’ applications; however, it is expanding into other plating processes due to the excellent results that we have experienced.

The advantages of the AB-DLS are multi-fold; the most notable of these is the linings’ ability to withstand continuous operation at elevated temperatures that are over and beyond what was previously obtainable. The durability of this system rivals any other in the industry, where in most cases the need for brick, granite, or plastic protectors is virtually eliminated. The response from our customers has been overwhelming. Many of the installations are approaching 10 years of service, with several approaching 15 years of continuous service.

Rarely does an innovation come along that truly stands up to the test of time. Based on the many years of data collected from monitoring our customers operations, this lining system is certainly an exception to the rule. More engineers, consultants, and end users are specifying this lining as the material of choice for their “tough applications”.

We are confident that the savings from a maintenance costs coupled with the dependable service that this system offers, will add to your bottom line for years to come.