Engineering & Technical Consulting

FEA of Trunnion provided by Abtrex

Abtrex Industries offers the technical skills and ingenuity to complete a wide range of projects. Our sales engineers, designers and project managers have specific training in engineering, technology, science and business management fields. This collective experience gives Abtrex the ability to solve problems efficiently.

We provide comprehensive 3D modeling, CAD services, product design engineering, custom product development, reverse engineering and more.

Here’s why you should trust Abtrex for your engineering and technical consulting needs:

Design alternatives can be explored easily using 3D parametric design and simulation capabilities to achieve optimal designs and meet the customer’s design objectives.

  • Streamline Development
  • 3D Solid Modeling and Finite Element Analysis
  • Recent Investments in Technology
  • Committed to Continual Improvement
  • Single Source Convenience
  • Improved Coordination
  • Performance You Can Count On