Based upon the results of our recent evaluation, Abtrex Industries is approved for fabrication of Hydrocyclones, FRP sinks and Rubber Lining to Babcock & Wilcox power generation and our customers.

Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group
We would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to you and your people for the tremendous response to our catastrophe of February 10, 1997. The efforts of everyone involved resulted in a quality repair of a line under very tight time constraints, eventually minimizing the time needed to bring us back to full production. We very much appreciate your organization’s contribution to this remarkable event.

I/N Tek I/N Kote
Wanted to thank you and your staff for your most recent lining work here at ADM Corn Processing in Cedar Rapids, IA. The team you sent out did a very
good job. The work was performed safely, efficiently, and was of excellent quality. Be sure to thank them for their efforts.

You and your staff were highly recommended by our Decatur ADM facility, and you did not disappoint. I will be sure to keep you at the top of my list for lining repairs in the future.

ADM Corn Processing
I was very impressed with the quality of work performed by the Abtrex crew. The lining was straight, square, and stitched down tight. The seams/lap joints looked very good and of high quality workmanship.

Based on the very high degree of difficulty in lining these vessels, I was extremely impressed with Abtrex’s attention to detail and fine workmanship. Lining the multiple stiffener bars and the hundreds of holes for the “mushroom filters” is an extremely difficult thing to do correctly and based on my inspection, Abtrex used excellent rubber lining practices.

NACE Coatings Inspector, Level 2-Certified
I cannot thank Abtrex enough for the great support on this order and all the other products Abtrex does for us. Abtrex has proven time and again on the coming through hot projects. Thanks again and pass on to the rest of your team we greatly appreciate the support on this order.

Lead Buyer – International OEM Company
Just a quick note to let you know what a pleasure it is working with Abtrex Industries regarding our lining issues. Your expertise and knowledge of protective coatings and their applications has been an enormous benefit to our various product lines. You have become a tremendous resource for us.

I have brought some unusual application scenarios to you for your analysis and expert opinion and I can always count on you to provide an idea/solution for any given lining issue.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone. You have always provided us with top quality work all while looking out for our bottom line costs.

It is a great pleasure working with you and I look forward to a long-term working relationship with Abtrex Industries.

Subcontract/Sourcing Manager – International OEM Company